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About us

Welcome to Fülle, an art gallery specialized in contemporary photography with international reach. Where we are actively committed to collaborating in the inspiration of future generations, in understanding the language of art, especially photography.

At Fülle, we believe in art's ability to open the doors of empathy. Through the artist's perspective, we invite you to see the world with fresh eyes and to comprehend different points of view. We are a meeting point for art enthusiasts, the press, curators and collectors. Our journey began at the Bollini Foundation in Recoleta, and today we operate in the heart of San Telmo, the historic center of Buenos Aires. We built networks that allowed us to carry our vision internationally.

Crossed by the brutal and precise discipline of photography, we decided to give it the space it lacked in the scene and it indisputably deserved. Why photography? Because photography is not just what you see; it is what you feel.

Photography as a lifestyle, as a portal to the world. Photography is a historical object, archive, treasure. Photography is protest, it is revolt, it is revelation. Photography is memory, nostalgia, it is the four seasons and all the continents.
A powerful, transcendent, demolishing visual language, capable of saving a town and uniting a thousand loves.

Photography is light, darkness, time, instant, physics, chemistry. In photography, there are multiple tricks available for magic to happen; it's a game, an illusion and fantasy.We believe in the diversity of interpretations, in the emotions artworks awaken and in the conversations they generate. "Art is an ever-evolving dialogue, and at Fülle, we are committed to being part of that dialogue that transcends time and space”.

We are more than an art gallery; we are the link between the visible and the felt.

“One of the most specific ways to produce
and reproduce clear messages by from
the visual arts to our society”.


Our why. The spirit that drives us daily.

Share our experiences and knowledge to increase productivity and the number of people joining the movement. We complement with various proposals of the music scene to generate an immersive and impactful experience for our viewers.



Where are we headed?

Build bridges of understanding and free, different and legitimate interpretations of the same reality. Provide visibility and possibilities to photographers and emerging photographers from anywhere in the world.



Luriel Esquinazi

Creative and Executive Director


Oriana Farizano

Art Director and



Luciana Garrido

Graphic Designer


Julia Placette

Culture Manager


Quimey Saenz

Business Administrator


Juan Puy



Catalina Puy

Production Management

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